Incense to burn when…you’re in a bad mood

My darling Dada came over to see me the other weekend. He had the beginnings of arthritis in his hands and they were aching, people at his dinghy club were giving him grief and he was getting over a cold he caught off his girlfriend’s grandchildren. In short, his was feeling pretty crappy, ratty and all sorts of run down.

We went for a walk around the ‘burb where I live and bought some lunch to eat back at my place. When we got back to my flat, I decided to do some surreptitious healing via my trusty incense sticks. 

I chose White Sage, a favourite of mine that is perfect for calming and relaxing fractious spirits. My dad is very spiritual but doesn’t subscribe to the notion of aromatherapy of any kind, so I didn’t tell him the purpose behind my lighting the incense. As the stick burned and we tucked into our lunch, I watched him relax. He sunk deep into my sofa and held my hand as we watched a magic show I found on Netflix. When it was time for him to go home, he asked me about the incense I burned. “I’ve got to know what that is, it was lovely.” I told him with a smile, mentally ordering him a stack in my head for his birthday. Seeing what an incredible effect the White Sage incense had on him gave me the idea for this post. 

I’ve researched incense sticks and put together this handy cheat sheet to help you pick the right stick for the right mood. Of course, with all scents this can be subjective – I personally find the scent of tea tree incredibly grounding and reassuring but others find it way too intense and more invigorating, so it is a bit ‘horses for courses’. So, with this in mind, please use this cheat sheet with a pinch of Pink Himalayan salt and take your own personal preferences into account. Also, please make sure you are buying natural incense sticks, try to avoid ones that have been made with essential oils and perfumes. This is down to the compound of the oil/perfume will change when its burnt and can be a bit harsh for you. 

White Sage
Clears negative energy, calms, soothes anxious minds

Nag Champa
Relaxing, aphrodisiac, aids meditation

 Relieves depression, relieves fatigue, uplifting

Calming, aids in finding inner peace, boosts meditation practice

Brings good health (according to Ayurvedic medicine), relieves tension, 

Cleansing, purifying

Relieves stress, alleviates insomnia 

Eases depression, uplifting, emotional

Evergreen (cedar/pine/misty mountain)
Increase wisdom, clarifying, cleansing 

Brings energy, confidence, improves focus

Heart opening, self-love boosting

There are some popular brands who blend scents to invoke certain feelings/emotions, have a play and see what you like, but if you want to encourage a certain state then I would try some of the options above.

If you’re feeling a bit down, rubbish or just in need a lift, remember that everything is in a state of change and that you cannot always feel this way, so try and see if there’s a lesson you can learn from feeling this way. Maybe you need to go through this period to learn how to self-soothe, or to maybe deepen your commitment to yourself. 

Until next time, jai namaste, my beauties.

Grace xo

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