Part of Hatha yoga is balancing the push and pull of your daily asana and bringing balance to yourself. Your mental, your physical, your energetic and spiritual selves are all addressed in our practice and we aim (emphasis on aim!) to try and bring these together in balance. We want to try and be at one, and once we have achieved this we will become more enlightened….that’s the idea, anyway.

This doesn’t just mean that we have to do the same amount of sidearm planks for the right and left, we have to look at the whole enchilada of us. We. I. You.

Our light and dark sides, our positives and negatives, our masculine and feminine. Being able to accept all parts of us without judgement or fear will bring us closer to our truth and what makes us happy. How can you be happy if you are actively shunning parts of yourself, just because you have attached judgement to them. Just as as we all have negative and positive attributes we have femininity and masculinity within us too, and I find it empowering to explore what both of these parts mean to us.

The men that I have spoken to about this often feel shame about their more feminine sides, as (not a newsflash) they are told that to have these facets as a man is wrong, but thankfully we are starting to have more conversations where men and women are becoming more open about who they are which should create a happier and more loving community. Being able to look on their creativity, sensitivity and nurturing sides as something to be treasured and valued, not to be ignored, is something I so want to encourage at Jai Yoga.

Femininity to me doesn’t just mean softness, it also means light, a gentle approach that gently coats and washes instead of blazes through. Being able to balance out our busy lives of achieving and goal orientation and success (which are all so valid too) with time for calm, peace and tranquillity is the ultimate goal. When you bring a lightness to your everyday, you’ll tap into that creativity that comes with the feminine practice and unblock things that you never knew were trapped.

Being able to see femininity as the sea, a washing, changing tide that is different every day, that uncovers and creates life unlike we have ever seen is a good metaphor for me. The divine feminine is something that we can all tap into, no matter what our sex. The grounding, the planting of the seed, the start of new life and ideas that we form, all of this can come when we practice embracing the feminine side of our practice.

Try tonight to do some slow, meditative yoga. Pranayama practice with side stretches, some cat cow and king pigeon, a soft flow to warm you up for a half moon finish. Make your yoga practice completely your own, bring some of the lightness and femininity to your asanas and see what comes up – what new project could you unlock from embracing the creative energy of the divine feminine?

Jai namaste, my creative geniuses.


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