Energy boosting essential oils

Getting out of bed, especially in winter, can feel like your waking up from the deepest hibernation. Toasty and warm with eyes full of sleep, the mere thought of sitting up seems like a task that can only be done after 10 more minutes. I’ve never related to a headgehog or a bear more than I do on a cold January morning.

During the chillier months I take everything I can get to make my mornings less harsh on the system, so I have been incorporating essential oils into my getting ready routine. I rub a drop of tea tree oil mixed with an almond oil carrier onto my neck, up the base of my head and onto my temples. It’s soothing (to me, anyway) but the tea tree freshness gives me the gentle nudge I need to help me wake up for my day.  

There’s a whole range of oils out there that you can use to stoke the pot, so I collected the best essential oils for an energy boost below, just for you. 

Mint oils – try pepperminteucalyptus or spearmint to help settle that monkey mind and help you concentrate and focus. Really good if you need a bit of a boost during a long working day or if you are trying to revise, these minty oils will help you click refresh on your brain-browser. Eucalyptus is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant packed oil which gives it an overall favourable immune response, which will of course get you feeling good!

Citrus oils– anything like orangelimelemon or grapefruit can create feelings of happiness which in turn will give you a mini boost in energy – happy brain makes for a happy, energy filled fay.

Herbal oils – especially rosemary, thyme or basil. These essential oils are naturally energizing, these scents have beenattributed to alleviating mental fog and even chronic fatigue (basil). 

If you’re trying oils for the first time, make sure that you’re always mixing them with a carrier oil and if you don’t want to buy any fancy carrier oils, then melting some coconut oil that you can buy from the supermarket will work just as well (just make sure that it’s 100% virgin). You can also read my other post on Essential Oils for a basic how-to on what they are good for and hat they do. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match scents, too! If you like the idea of immune support and mood uplifting, why don’t you try mixing Eucalyptus and Lemon? Only a drop or two of each would be needed and you can work on the balance that’s right for you. 

Remember, if you are feeling tired and run down, there might be a internal reasons why, not just the usual daily slog. Are you stressed out at work? Not giving yourself enough breaks from academic work? Are their personal circumstances that are weighing heavy on your heart?

Using essential oils can be a start to showing yourself a little kindness when you need it the most. 

Jai namaste, my little angel tarts.

Grace xo

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