Consider your day

Being self-reflective is a grounding practice for me when things get over-whelming. True, I do have the tendency to be a little introverted at times,  but I really enjoy a little self-analysis – I see it as a check-in for how I’m feeling that day. This can lend itself to overthinking upon occasion, but it can also lead to some incredible discoveries about myself that I wouldn’t have unearthed.

What if we considered each day that we live as a metaphor for our life (oh honey, she’s going IN on her first post, but roll with me). What if we look at one day, an ordinary day where you go to work, do your tasks for the day, have lunch, pick up your kids and get dinner ready, and expand that to your whole life – would you be satisfied if this was every day for the rest of your life?

So often we get intrenched in life and the tasks that we are required to perform, that we can so easily get swept away in the tide of schedules, calendars, what we need to get mum for her birthday and taking out the bins again…that the goals and the life that we actually have in our minds stays exactly there, in our minds.

What if we took the next day you have coming up, that regular work day, and live it the way that you envision your life being? Let’s use an example: you want your life to be one of adventure? Start small, get up early and take a different route to work. Drive down a street you’ve never been down before and see what the trees are like. If you want to live more holistically, why not try a meditation practice at your desk? Invest in some calming or focussing oils to wear or take some of your lunch break out to find some nature and feel the grass on your feet.

snowdon - consider your day

It’s so normal to be overtaken by life, to get swallowed up by responsibility and feel like you have no choice, to the point where you become reactions, not action. But, my friends, remember that you always have the choice. You are all you need to live how you’ve always wanted to, you are more than enough and you have more than the capability to achieve what you want.

Treat today like the metaphor for the rest of your life –how do you want to live – and let me know how it goes!

Jai namaste, my darlings,


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