It’s back again! We’ve shaken off the January blues, kept the last of our resolutions and are retyping ‘2019’ less and less in our emails. I love this time of year not only because it’s the month of love and Pancake Day (which are basically synonymous to me at this point), but it’s also usually the harbinger of snow, frost and freeze. I know, it’s weird that I enjoy the cold but the sight of that fresh white blanket covering the earth, people leaving their phones to just play…it doesn’t get much better than that.

Cue ‘England Covered in Snow’ by Laura Marling. 

I’ve been a bit of a junk food piglet so far in 2020 and I think it’s because I’m super tired. When we are tired we crave energy and sugar is the easiest form of energy our bodies can process. It’s also complete garbage for us, so I’ve been left feeling a bit ragged, all over the place and honestly a little anxious. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on anything. Heck no. I’m just going to look a little closer to the root cause of my tiredness and try to solve it so I can feel better. 

I’m getting more into lentils (FINALLY) after swearing off them for years, and i’ve given up all dairy apart from the very occasional cheese. Dairy doesn’t suit me so well these days, plus the effect on the environment is becoming too vast to ignore. So long, moo juice, you shan’t really be missed. Soz not soz. 

But I digress. 

The veggies and fruits that will be making an appearance on my plate are: 

Purple sprouting broccoli (delish in stir frys or under a satay sauce)

Swede (sweet, delicious and entirely unfashionable – my kind of veggie)

Celery (try adding it to a bolognese, sounds odd but brings a sweetness to your dish)

Kale (my new fave when roasted with oil, chinese five spice and a sprinkling of brown sugar and sea salt)

Pomegranate (I’ve been popping pom seeds on top of a quick coconut dahl I’ve been making from the East cookbook by Meerha Sodha – an INSANE addition)

Rhubarb (I just bloody love rhubarb)

Bramley Apples (add them with white wine for a sticky sweet veggie sausage casserole…my mouth is literally watering)


Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce 

Keep it crunchy for your weekend brekkie with this asparagus alternative. Purple sprouting broccoli is known to contain antioxidants, vitamins C and E and many other compounds which help promote healthy eyes and skin. 

Honey-crushed swede

Oh my lordy-lord. This sounds SO yummy and warming and comforting on a chilly February evening. Crisp up some pork sausages if you are a meaty-eater or swap them out for some of Linda’s finest. It will be super sweet so make sure you team it with something salty to get the balance just right. 

Feta Frittata with Carrot and Celery salad

Eating fresh food in Feb is hard. Eating fresh food in Feb is now easy and tasty..who’d a thunk it? This recipe doesn’t demand ingredients that are too out of season either and you can make some of these bad boys up and shove any extras in the fridge for the next day! Super simple!

Crispy Fried Kale 

This is the recipe that I mentioned earlier, apart from the lack of Chinese Five Spice which in my opinion is a GROSS oversight 😉 Tweak with the recipe to your heart’s content, just know that you are going to be munching on your new favourite snack. 

Cauliflower Chaat

To the uninitiated, chaat is a savoury dish of steamed or boiled veggies that can be served as a side or snack. This little treat looked too mouth-watering not to try – it’s simple, looks fab and features cauliflower AND pomegranate! What’s not to love?

Rhubarb and Custard French Toast

If I can squeeze a french toast recipe into anything you damn STRAIGHT know I will. I believe french toast should be a major food group and never ceases to make me a happy-chappy. You cut that sweetness up with rhubarb and you’ve got yourself a valentines morning like no other, and it’s within the colour scheme! You can thank me later. 

Apple and Cranberry Chutney

Sharp, sweet, great with cheese – try this apple and cranberry chutney! If you are team #vegang this Feb You can have this bad boy with vegan spread cheese or even alongside a samosa! A tangy chutney goes very far in my books and is super easy to whip up, plus once you get the hang of it you can try loads of other recipes! If you do, can you make me a rhubarb and ginger number and send it on through? That would be great, thanks. 

I hope these recipes helped inspire you to get creative this winter and to dip your toes into seasonal cooking. Tag me in pictures and know I’ll be cheering you on from my kitchen! 

Lots of love, 
Grace x