I thought I was a good sleeper. 

If I’m in a car/on a train for longer than 20 minutes, you’d better believe I’m going to be snoring, dribbling, puddle of a human flopped around a seatbelt. I was the bane of friends’ lives when we went out partying together. We would get home, ready to chat and drink into the night, and no sooner had the heels come off I had already curled up in a ball on the sofa, happily snoozing away. 

I went to a Wellbeing event earlier this year and found myself in a sleep seminar. There I sat, smug, listening to these poor people who struggled with getting even 4 hours solid sleep a night. Smirking, I patted myself on the back, well done, Grace, you are a good sleeper, aren’t you fantastic. 

Any of you who know, the VERY time our egos get in the way the Universe gives you a swift slap on the wrists. 

The leader asked about our bedtime routines. I shifted a little awkwardly – my routine changes every night. They went on to grinding your teeth being an indicator of tension and the time you start grinding your teeth shows you aren’t getting enough ‘deep sleep’. I’m a horrific teeth grinder. Their list went on and on and I slid further and further down my chair.

In fact, I had pretty much every single unhealthy sleep habit under the sun.

I go on my phone before going to sleep

I think it’s so easy to fall into bad habits, especially with something we can sometimes take for granted. I’ve had to stop watching videos just before I go to sleep as it doesn’t help me drift off. Instead, I’m trying podcasts, soft music or a good book. 

I push through my first wave of tiredness in the evening until I get wired again, then drop to sleep out of exhaustion

No wonder I was falling asleep so quickly! Usually, I get super sleepy at about 8pm, which in the current climate that’s not so terrible, but when Alex and I are commuting again I would only have about an hour to make and eat tea and then off to bed I’d go! 

I need to start listening to my body. 

This doesn’t mean I’ll be going to bed early every day of the week and Alex can come with me if he wants to. Choosing to be brave and act on what you need is tough, but with honesty and communication (if you have a roommate/partner, if not, you do you, boo) you can honour what you need. 

I grind my teeth, loads, every night, all the time

Grinding my teeth is so annoying. It sounds a bit like a cement mixer, a growling tiger and tyres crunching over gravel made a mixtape. I remember when me and Alex were first dating, we were sharing his University a-bit-bigger-than-a-single-bed and he woke me up in the morning with a horrified “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, BEB?” Safe to say, I was embarrassed but to this day I can’t stop – he’s just started snoring louder. 

I’ve been to the dentist as grinding your teeth can cause bits of your jaw to wear away which isn’t groovy and I have a mouthguard to get fitted for. Your health should come first, obviously, but I’d be lying if I said I’m looking forward to getting into bed and popping in a mouthguard, like I’m ready to jump into a bloody scrum. 

I haven’t made my bedroom a ‘nice’, snuggly space

As I live in rented accommodation and I have nooooo money, I don’t have much choice about how my bedroom looks. However, there are so many cheap and sustainable things I can do to make my bedroom a nicer, more relaxing space. 

Fairy lights, wall hangings, candles and a snuggly throw – make your space your own. Even soft pjs can make your sleeping space cozier.

I don’t prioritise sleep health 

Making your sleep a priority in your head can be one of the best things to do to improve your zzz’s. I like to use mantras, either internal or out loud, to help get my head in gear. 

These mantras could look like:

Tonight, I will sleep well. 

I will drift off easily and comfortably. 

When I wake up, I will rested.

I will have no discomfort or pain.

Speaking things into being not only works on a ‘Law of Attraction’ level but it also helps you get out of your own way. I can get myself into bad ‘getting to sleep’ habits if I’ve had one bad night that week. I end up telling myself “I won’t sleep again tonight,” or “I’m going to wake up in the night.” Where your attention goes, energy flows, so don’t manifest something that you don’t want to happen!  

What’s important to your sleep health? Get in touch on the social meeds and let me know!

Love you, always.
Grace x