The idea of switching off isn’t groundbreaking. Select your favourite media source and there will be an opinion piece or some study showing that taking time away from devices is better for our brains, mood and general wellbeing. With this wealth of information at our fingertips, why is it so hard to put the phone down?

I’m trying to work on healthier sleep ( a post I’m currently working on which will be coming out in the new year – watch this space) at the moment, but each night this week instead of reading a book I’ve been reaching over for my phone and starting the classic night-time scroll. It’s almost auto-pilot at this point, my thumb stroking the faces of strangers. I know looking at screens is bad before bed, the blue light emitted is meant to keep you awake, but after switching my phone light to dark yellow after 9:30pm, I’ve got a fresh excuse to keep scrolling. 

As I lay, guiltily gorming over posts from friends, fashion and wellbeing accounts I landed on beautifully drawn illustrations tellin me how important getting off my phone is. How I should be focusing more on reading a book, how I should be meditating more and having no caffeine after 12pm. How I should have a bath every night and increase my amount of essential oil massages. I consider myself a person who is very focused on wellbeing, self-care and yoga are core to my way of life, but when I saw these posts I couldn’t help but feel that pang of guilt that I’m ‘not doing it right’ – that I’m not doing enough. 

As a society I believe that we are looking for a way to unwind from hectic, demanding, information overloaded lives and we haven’t been taught any tools to cope because it’s happened all so fast. We put so much pressure on ourselves and so much is asked of us on a daily basis. By family, co-workers, friends and the wider world. We are encouraged to overshare our lives on social media but then lambasted as we do so. Our attention is called for and grabbed at on a near constant basis, so I offer you this prompt – reconnect with what you want.

If you are still with me, I encourage you to take a minute. Just one minute. Put down you phone and take a deep breath in and a long bretah out. Clear your mind the best you can. Any thoughts that come up, say thank you and let them pass by like car headlights in the night. 

Now ask yourself, what do you want? 

What do you need?

What would improve your day, today?

When we are able to reconnect with ourselves and see what we actually need, our wellbeing and quality of life can only improve. There’s no outside force, no media outlet or influencer deciding your day for you, it’s all you, baby! And who knows how to make you happy better than you? 

Lots of love, always.