My sister sees auras. 

It freaked me out a little when she first told me as she’s a total non-believer. Ghosts, not having it. After life, come on Mary, think again. But auras she’s completely behind because of how easily they come to her. Almost like a heat shimmer on a Tuesday afternoon, she can see the energy coming off people in swathes. 

She’s been able to do it ever since she attended a meditation retreat in her twenties. When she sat in a guided meditation, she felt a strange sensation in her arms – as if her arms were starting to float. A little frightened, she decided to open her eyes. As she sat in a row of students, she could see coloured pathways where the teachers had walked. Not only could she see where they had been but she could see by colour where they were intending to go. She panicked, closed her eyes shut and stopped practising altogether. 

Seeing things like this isn’t uncommon when you have a deep meditation practice. Looking online, many people have experienced energy in different ways, from seeing images to feeling different sensations; this is all because you are opening up and becoming receptive on a different level. It’s just like changing the TV channel, except it can be a little freaky if you aren’t prepared for it. 

If you are reading this and thinking: Grace, what are you on about, let me try and break it down for you a bit.

Everything in the world is made of molecules and these molecules are made of atoms. 

From plastics, to wood, to the metal in our cars – each of these objects are made from molecules which are fixed together to form the shape of the object. The energy required for these molecules to bond has ‘movement’ to it which in turn creates a vibration – like sound waves. If an object has vibrations coming from its component parts but it is inactive (i.e. not respiring/growing etc), then moving, living breathing objects must give off stronger vibrations. This is just when the object is resting. What if the object was moving, running, fighting. The vibrations the object/animal/person is giving out will change, the waves might be closer together and more frequent. 

With this in mind, does it make sense for these vibrations to live only within the body of the object? Or, just like sound, would they leave the object, creating an aura or field around the object. 

We all give off energy, depending on our mood or what we are doing depends on the size and colour of our aura. 

My sister has read my aura for me many times. She calls herself a ‘colour blind reader’ as she finds the differentiation in colours hard to explain. Interested and spurred on to do this for myself, I thought I would share some starter tips to get you going and finding your friends auras and maybe your own!

  1. Start with a live plant. 

Get an indoor plant that has been growing well – poorly plants may not give you that much to go off. 

2. Put the plant in front of a white wall.

Putting the plant in front of a white wall will help you see the energy outline so much more clearly. If you put it in front of a window or a coloured wall, you may just focus on the movement or shade of what’s behind your subject, making it much harder to read.

3. Un-focus your eyes.

This was the hardest for me to practice – I kept going cross-eyed. Try to focus your eyes on one leaf, focus on the edge where the leaf stops and the wall begins. Soften your peripheral vision and stay focusing on that one spot. You should eventually start to see a shimmer around the leaf. 

4. Stay with it! 

It might feel silly or just look like the outline of the leaf, but let your eyes relax and notice the shimmer around the leaf. Can you pick up on a colour, what does the shimmer look like, is it big or is it small?

5. Start on people.

I like to practice in meetings if the speaker isn’t…super engaging, to put it politely. I focus on their shoulders (my preferred starting point) and then soften. The most common aura I see when I do this is blue around the ears. I’m not sure why the ears specifically, but blue is the colour synonymous with the throat chakra, our communication space. This makes sense for the speaker to be utilising their communication centre. 

6. Look up what the colours mean.

There are lots of theories and schools of thought which explain what the colours of the auras mean. I would take them all with a pinch of salt and take all interpretations of the colour into account. For instance, I had a hot pink aura for a while which could have meant new love, romance, tenderness and compassion. I suggest consulting several different sites/books to make sure you have as much information as possible about the aura.

7. Practice, practice, practice!

Practicing will help you see the auras more readily. I don’t practice nearly as much as I should and it’s lead to me struggling to pick out the colour in people’s auras again. So please, take it from me, practice definitely makes perfect!

I hope you enjoyed the above! Remember, work like this should be fun and positive, so if you are feeling ANY negativity whilst reading someone’s aura I would advise to stop immediately. If you want any advice I would recommend searching for a healer or aura reader near you and they will be able to help, or watch some videos online.

If you have any questions, send em through to the Instagram!

Lots of love,
Grace xo