Happy Valentines Day, guys and gals! If you aren’t in a relationship, do not fear little one – this practice is an all inclusive session on how to give a good head massage to the ones you love, your pet, your mate, your mama or papa; anyone! 

Because who doesn’t love a good head rub, honestly? 

Setting up the space

  • Start by getting your loved one sat comfortably. If they are in a funny position they won’t be able to relax fully and get the full benefit of the massage. One way could be you on the sofa and them between your legs on the floor – this one is my favourite.
  • Dim the lights or ask them to close their eyes. This helps with the relaxation element and also helps you concentrate more on giving them the best head rub of their life. 
  • Choose your oil. You don’t want loads of oil in your hands (it’ll get all gross in their hair otherwise) but a pea sized amount can help soothe the scalp and carry a delicious scent for your massagee. I love using jasmine on the hair because the smell lasts for ages.

Massage Technique

  • Using your thumbs, press firmly on the atlas of the head and down to the two muscles in the neck. You can use the rest of your fingers to grip and release the traps or you can just place them either side of the neck. This is a spot where a lot of tension headaches stem from so relieving the tension in this spot is heavenly. Keep smoothing up and down or move your thumbs in circles, whichever works best for you. Continue this until you feel the tension loosen. 
  • Take your less dominant hand to the forehead of your massagee and your dominant hand to their neck. With your dominant hand, take the space between your forefinger and thumb and rub upwards from the base of the neck up to the hairline, keeping your less dominant hand on their forehead. The pressure on the back of the neck and on the forehead will be soothing and also incredible for those experiencing sinus pressure. Rub up and down like this 10 times.
  • Keeping your dominant hand in the hairline on the back of their neck and your non-dominant hand on the forehead, tilt their head foreward with no strain or pressure. Then press lightly through the fingers on the forehead and tilt the head backwards, again, with very little pressure. Continue this motion 4-5 times. 
  • Keeping your non-dominant hand on the forehead, take your dominant hand and now rub the scalp in circular motions – as though shampooing the hair. Take this from the back of the head all over, not missing out a part. Don’t scratch the head with your nails (unless they ask you to do so!), just rub with your finger tips for a minute or so. 
  • Take your non-dominant hand to the back of the head now and take your dominant fingers to their forehead. Spread your fingers out across the forehead and rub the forehead in a circular motion. Do 10 full circles. 
  • Slowly wriggle these fingers from the forehead to the back of the head, rubbing deeply into the scalp. Repeat this 3 times. 

You can do this a couple of times over if you really want to give your love the good stuff, but one full run through should alleviate any stress and also help stimulate blood flow to scalp which can increase hair growth – win win! 

If reading this practise has made you feel lonely this Valentine’s Day, I want you to know that you are so very loved in this world. 

I love you for reading this post. 

I love you for wanting to find out more about how you can show love to someone else. 

I love you for simply being you. 

You aren’t alone as we are all One. One heart, one love. 

All the kisses in the world,
Grace x